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Attractive Plantation Shutters on the Central Coast



If you are looking for a quality-made, hardy shutter, our PVC shutters are the very thing durable and will not crack, chip or split. This extra strength is achieved by the aluminium inserts in not only the blades, but also the styles of the panel making it a lighter and stronger compared to the other ones. Resistant to moisture, humidity, UV rays and termites, this hypoallergenic product has outstanding insulation and noise-reduction properties, making it the perfect shutter for bathrooms and steamy kitchens.

Basswood Shutters

Made with exceptional craftsmanship, these Basswood Shutters offer true value. All joints are Mortis and Tenon, and not just glued and doweled or simply just glued and screwed. Mortis and Tenon joints are designed to allow for the maximum glued surface area to withstand shear and racking stress, and to ensure long durability. For your peace of mind, all our shutters are hand-sanded and finished with the finest U.V and water-resistant Polyurethane coating to ensure hardness and strength.

Aluminium Shutters

Why not bring the outside in with Aluminium Shutters made from quality coated aluminium, to match most colour bond colours? Imagine being able to surround your deck area with bi-fold or sliding aluminium shutters to keep the weather out and the good times going. These durable shutters will stand up to whatever the weather throws at them and still look fantastic.


Transform The Look Of Your Home With Our Central Coast Shutters

Our collection of window shutters, made from durable materials, includes waterproof and mildew-resistant shutters, so you won’t have to panic about leaving a window open during a rainstorm. Here’s what else you can look forward to when choosing to install shutters in your home:

  • Environmental control. Renovate your space aesthetically and functionally with modern shutters that let you adjust the blinds to let just the right amount of light in or block it out. Besides being in control of the atmosphere you want to achieve, regulating the natural light that comes in means you save money by not having to use artificial light.
  • Various colours and panel sizes. Depending on your décor, you may decide to colour-match your window shutters to the internal palette of your room in a spectrum of subtle or bold. You have many options when selecting shutters that match your style.
  • Easy to maintain. Unlike curtains you must painstakingly remove to clean, you can clean shutters by wiping them with a dry, cotton cloth. Although you can use water to clean shutters, we recommend using very little on wooden shutters and drying immediately because, unlike composite materials, wood will warp if left wet.
  • Sound barrier. Besides maintaining a consistent room temperature, the indoor shutter also offers the benefit of blocking out surrounding noise, so you can enjoy peace and quiet when needed.

Central Coast Blinds & Shutters for Premium Quality

We’ve been operating since 1980, so you can trust us for quality shutters from the central coast and reliable service.

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